• Plot No. 6, Block E, Kayanga - Karagwe, Tanzania.
  • info@keqi.or.tz

Karagwe Education Quality Improvement (KEQI).

Karagwe Education Quality Improvement (KEQI) is a non-profit organization founded on March 2020. KEQI registration number is 05NGO/R/1024 which is provided under the Non-Governmental Organization act of 2002, made under section 11 (1) and 17 (2) of Act No. 24 of 2002. KEQI head quarter is at Plot No. 6, Block E, Kayanga Urban Area, Karagwe District, Kagera, Tanzania.

KEQI is founded with the objective of promoting provision of quality education. For purpose of advocating for quality education for Karagwe schools the organization provides textbooks, information and communication technology (ICT) equipment, science laboratory equipment, volunteer teachers in mathematics, science and English subjects, safe sanitation facilities, and menstrual hygiene management tools and supporting orphans in their academic pursuits. .

KEQI believes that quality education will help in fighting a constant cycle of poverty in Karagwe. With quality education in place, students will be well equipped to confront life challenges and hence liberate their societies which are entangled in a constant cycle of poverty.


To have a society where quality education is maintained as the basic human right and a key to poverty alleviation and sustainable human development.


Facilitating Karagwe schools in providing high-quality education to lift families out of poverty, reduce inequality and deprivation.


Promoting provision of quality education.