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What We Do.

Karagwe Education Quality Improvement (KEQI) is founded with the objective of promoting provision of quality education. For purpose of advocating for quality education for Karagwe schools the organization provides textbooks, information and communication technology (ICT) equipment, science laboratory equipment, volunteer teachers in mathematics, science and English subjects, safe sanitation facilities, menstrual hygiene management tools and supporting orphans in their academic pursuits.

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Our Recent Projects

KEQI is currently running the following projects with the essence of improving education quality of secondary schools in Karagwe district.

a. Constructing 150 drop holes latrines for female and male students at Kayanga, Chakaruru, Ruicho, Ihembe and Ndama secondary schools,

b. creating awareness to 90 teachers, 1500 parents, and 6,145 students on appropriate use of water, sanitation, and hygiene facilities and other health issues including preventing teenage pregnancies, maintaining proper hygiene, diseases prevention and benefits of greening our surroundings

c. distributing biology and English textbooks to schools,

d. imparting adolescent girls with information on menstrual hygiene and distributing menstrual hygiene materials, and

e. promoting collaboration with private and CSOs institutions working with people with disabilities and gender issues.

Education Inequality During COVID 19

The outbreak of coronavirus came as a surprise to many countries in the world. Many countries were less prepared to overcome a global pandemic which has taken away thousands of lives. . .

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COVID-19 Emergence Fund

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